Spills, is a performance followed by a spatial exploration of relations between body and natural elements and atmospheres - sensations on a micro-phenomenological level. Understanding natural processes such as transformation, evolution, growth, decay, destruction or unpredictability is inspires to think about spatial structures. Architectural rules followed by natural aspects of materials create environment that breathes and reacts. For example, hygroscopic features of wooden structures reacting to the humidity and changing its geometry, or various forms of water (ice and mist) becoming performative objects and its transformations choreographic transitions. All of these natural elements are explored as single objects, in their interconnectedness and in the relation to the human body.

Concept and performance: Rósa Ómarsdóttir
Scenography: Dora Durkesac
Music: Nicolai Hovgaard Johansen and Rósa Ómarsdóttir
Sound design: Nicolai Hovgaard Johansen
Light installation, light design and technical manager: Hákon Pálsson
Light assistanc: Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson
Costume: Kristjana Björg Reynisdóttir
Dramaturgy: Ingrid Vranken
Artistic Assistance: Ana Dubljevic

Event Horizon

“Event Horizon” deals with transformation of space, time and body creating the atmosphere of some other dimension, some far away world, but again very familiar one. It stages a link between micro cosmos of one unit, one inner world, and other units in their unique way of interaction, thus creating a bigger, wider picture of universe, the macro cosmos.”

Following the theme, lights are created in order to depict various phenomena regarding light, star constellations, cells or the sun rays.

Spot lights reflect from the circular mirrors through the haze in the air thus creating either dots or lines in the space.

Author: Martina Nevistić



The project speaks about distorted visions of the values, needs, rules of behaviour, popularity and publicity. In other words, the century of the self and the debacle/spectacle of the society. This project deals with imagery available to us on a daily basis and the impact on our thinking, often unconscious but definitely changed thinking and perception of self or the others, or life in general. It questions in an ironical way, what do we expect to see from an artist, what could be the best project ever, perfect performance or a spectacular dance?

Video installation uses pictures, photos, videos or gifs of all of those idealistic constructions of everyday life through various references. It follows dance performance which proposes a tutorial and later a game with rules for ‘living’ and/or ‘performing’.

Choreographer and performer / Ina Sladić
Video installation & design / Dora Đurkesac

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