Garden Manifesto

‘Garden Manifesto’ exists in-between collective poetry and contemplative drawings. Inspired by natural processes it forms metaphors for new relations between human and natural structures. It strives for visions of the future of art and important little things that can be found in the garden.

The project is supported by Framed Berlin, De Appel Amsterdam and Goethe Institute Netherlands


Documenting Self -
Loops of Digital Mediation

‘Documenting Self - Loops of Digital Mediation’ is a research of relations between the digital documents, social media platforms and the activities.

Mediated experiences, skills and their documents appear as a byproducts of different media, internet and technology. Results are new modes of behaviour and movement ensued from changed daily habits and existing platforms for presentation and sharing experiences. The effects of the virtual knowledge and documented reality create new physical reactions within the mediated body-movement-space relations.

Collected internet materials are translated into speculative drawings and serve as an analytical research of those relations.

Presented within the project Dia:Forme, Goethe Institut Croatia.

Missing Artists

‘Missing Artists’ is a virtual exhibition in the area of the Museum of Contemporary Art which brings together artworks that deal with space inside and around of the museum. The artworks can be seen only on the specific GPS coordinates and therefore, even they exist in a digital format, become dependent on the location creating a hybrid experience of the site-specific virtual work. The projects intends to overcome physical and institutional barriers between art content and audience by placing it virtually and yet attached to a location.

The invited artists do not only create the work on the theme, but also the fictional author who stands behind it. A fictional author is not only a screen but a framework of artistic experimentation and an indispensable segment of reading of every created work.

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