We aspired to design an item that would be a reflection of coexistence of items, clothes and space. An item that conceals, but is, at the same time, very breezy and partially transparent.

BEHIDE emphasizes the process of undressing and concealing and enables laying clothes aside. Although it does not fully protect from view of busybodies, with its presence, it separates the space and becomes an item that creates a space of intimacy. BEHIDE, as an item, subtly points to several purposes in the domain of housing and dressing. As a design product, it links and reflects two young Croatian brands. It is a result of cooperation between designers and friends.

Designers: Andreja Bistričić, Mia Bogovac, Matea Bronić, Dora Đurkesac, Maja Merlić, Maša Milovac, Kristina Volf

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