The basis of this project is exploring the everyday activities - the working body, the body at rest and all the in-between bodies. As much as our working time and space, our free time and space are also constructed, conditioned and “designed”.  The focus of the project are motivations and borders between functional movement and movement which happens only because of the movement (praxis and poiesis).

Creating spatial settings with movement documents and notation serves as an experience of our every day in a visual and kinesthetic way. Raising awareness about objects we use and interact with or time spent in the specific surrounding, emphasize the process of a designed material space, which is a result of various social frames and progress. Vice versa, our body conforms to this result by using everything offered to us in our surroundings. Analysis of materials, geometries, interactive and mobile elements and accordingly repetitive movement in an interrelation, points out the limits and potentials of our body.

*installation (wood, metal, plastic, sponge, cardboard), video projections

Photography and video: Neven Petrović
Dancers: Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Marta Banić, Lana Hosni