Project LittleWorks brings into focus new form of collaboration by developing intuitive structures of work and creation/accumulation of little works. Promptness of production and short deadlines encouraged us to think about the potential of the intuitive accumulation according to today's search for instant satisfaction. We are making process and the final product equal and therefore complex as we are accepting all the mistakes and successes as a part of the project - both have the same potential for development.

Simultaneously we are intertwining personal and author's topics about the compromises of the body, everyday body archive, timetable of roles, values of the mistakes, the price of distractions and their necessary (online) exchange in order to establish wanted dialogue. With the final setup we are creating interactive spatial platform through which the audience is adding meanings to each work. The notes and observations from the process related to different works are transferred into exhibition space to create solely cohesion of interaction and different variations of reading.

Authors: Iva Korenčić and Dora Durkesac

Project premiere was part of the festival in Pogon Jedinstvo, April, 2016.