Random Rules is an ongoing research with an aim of collecting rules from specific situations, spaces and social groups or institutions. They are grasping the physicality of actions and proposed human behaviour and function as an evidence of the process of shaping an individual within various contexts. So far rules are collected in Zagreb and Amsterdam dealing with topics of pop and religios context, or artists world and public / urban spaces.

#1 Amsterdam

‘Random Rules Book’ is part of the project ‘You have a bright future behind you’. The rules are collected during the art residency in Amsterdam from the urban spaces, encounters with citizens and the professionals working in the art world.
#2 Zagreb

This is a collection of rules oriented towards the bodily perception and relations coming from two very opposite sources and places of narrative - pop and religious context found in places around the Museum of Contemporary Art - shopping center and a church. By creating a unified set of rules their original source is sometimes hard to identify. The contrast between the two extremes finds its common ground and value through the reappropriation in an online material.